Design for Good Case Study

Jordan Gunn

Digital Design

Case Study

Professor Krikun

Client: Locks Of Love Foundation

Project Title: Design for Good: Locks of Love

Duration: September 2012 – December 2012

Team: Jordan Gunn


This Semester in my Digital Design class we were focusing on what is called “Design For Good”. We were able to pick our own organization that helps out people/environment around the world. Our whole objective of this assignment want to basically have a “positive social impact”. It gives us great practice on how to use illustrator and work on great ideas and designs for the future design world.


When being introduced to the “Design for Good” assignment we had picked 3-5 objects that would associate with what kind of organizations we have picked. The objects I started with and were..

  • Clip
  • Bracelet
  • Pencil
  • CD
  • Comb

Once I showed my objects and not many of them would be suitable for the organizations that I was looking into. We ended up coming to a conclusion that the comb could be good to symbolize Locks of Love but even better to change the object to scissors instead because that is the whole idea of the foundation. Once I finalized my idea about using the scissors and the organization Locks of Love I took a look at the website just to get a feel of everything they were about and what the website consisted of.

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization where people are able to donate there hair to people in need. they provide hair to children in the united states and canada under the ages of 21. These children could be suffering from long term medical hair loss from any kind of medical problem. the major medical condition many of these young children have is called alopecia areata and it has no scientific cause or even a cure. this organization wants to give their time to help these children feel good and confident in themselves and have great self esteem when they are around others.


Once we have picked our objects for the organization chosen we then had to work with the object in different ways. first we focused on a grid concept to break the object into sections.

gridblackandwhite2COLOR-GRID-2we needed 3-5 grids that were done in black in white also known as vector. Some of the gird ideas that I came up with were symmetrical and some were not. scissors are a very basic object but can be used in grid very nicely.

After doing our grids in black and white we then learned about the live paint bucket tool and were able to now incorporate color to our object. I focused on 3-4 colors from the website KULER that gave great color schemes. Below is one of my grids incorporated with color.

After focusing on grid we then moved into our logo concept and using text with Illustrator. I would have to say this was one of my favorite things to work on during this project. When looking at the website for Locks of Love their original logo has 2 children inside of a heart with their name around it. The logo looks fun and child like and also interesting. the colors they used are pink, red, black and white. When i was coming up with my logo I didn’t want to use the same concept of children in my logo even though the organization focuses on young children. I used my scissors but also a heart i made to look more child like as if a kid drew it up. I love the font Helvetica and used that the most but there was one other font that almost looked like swirls of hair i had used as well.


Once coming up with Logo designs we then started to work with a poster layout of our organizations. there were a few that I came up with. At first it was hard for me to get away from that “Penny Savor” look but some of them were better.

Also I ended up learning from this first poster that I have here that everything should be more lined up and matching on both sides. when we went through and troubleshooted everyones work before we signed off to print i noticed i could still change a number of items. i fixed the corner picture to be more even on top and bottom and also had the scissors be more spaced on the other side as well. i then noticed that I could change the word love and make the O the heart as well. the word OF was way to big and needed to fix that. lastly I needed to line the text up in the center with everything else as well.



When working this semester on my assignments there weren’t too many challenges that I struggled with but there were some. When working in illustrator this semester it was my very first time using it so I needed to learn it and learn it quickly to get my assignments done. Once i started working on the program it wasn’t too hard to get used to. the challenges I faced were I needed to make more layers on things because I would end up loosing some of my work and needed to redo some key elements. also when laying out my poster assignment

I needed to find a good layout of how I was going to stay clear of the “Penny Savor” look and it took me a little white. Also flash became difficult for me because I still don’t fully understand the concept of the “key frames” and getting everything to work the way I want them too.


Toward the end of this semester I was very pleased with my results that I have come up with for this Design for Good project. I was very happy with my logos that i came up with and they worked well with my poster design and I even used one of them for my flash motion graphic clip.

I have learned many great elements when it comes to working with Adobe Illustrator and Flash as well. My focus was my scissors and I do feel I displayed that very well in my grid, text and posters assignments. It was a challenging but wonderful semester and my Design for Good assignment came out just as I planned and hoped for.


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